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Here's a selection of clanfolk pictures from around the world wide web. Maybe you can detect a common trait? Please be patient while the pictures are loaded.


David MacSporran, taekwondo black belt, Victoria, Australia

Ian McSporran, realtor, Ontario, Canada

Jermaine McSporran, soccer player, England

Mae McSporran, university lecturer, Auckland, New Zealand

Malcolm McSporran, architect, Vancouver, Canada

Neil McSporran, police chief inspector, Central Scotland

Willie McSporran, community spokesperson, Gigha, Scotland


John McSparran, gaelic football club chairperson, Antrim, Ireland

Kent McSparran, company principal, Denver, USA

R Boyd McSparran, attorney, San Francisco, USA

Peter McSparran, golfer, Arizona, USA

Rev. Rebecca ver Straten-McSparran, course designer, Los Angeles, USA


Carolyn McSparren, authoress, Tennessee, USA

Clark McSparren, pediatrician, Pennsylvania, USA

Faye McSparren, USA

Frances McSparren (left), language professor, Michigan, USA

Pete McSparin, college football player, North Carolina, USA

Tamara McSparrin, puppeteer, Mississippi, USA

Paul McSpurren, CEO, New Brunswick, Canada


Brett McSparron, Insurance agent, Minnesota, USA

Brian McSparron, ice-hockey coach, Georgia, USA

Dave McSparron, Prairie Grains Magazine, North Dakota, USA

David McSparron, patrol officer, Philadelphia, USA

Greg McSparron (right), computer scientist, Belfast, Ireland

Tom McSparron, fundraising executive, North Dakota, USA

William McSparron BSc MA, lay reader, Londonderry, Ireland

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